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Objects as Function Parameters

You probably noticed that internal WCM objects look pretty much like variables. You'll get more familiar with them later after reading about classes. For now I just want to note one simple thing about these objects. You can use these objects as parameters to your functions. You just need to add a special symbol & before a parameter name. For example you can write a function which makes a Boy character to do some actions like this:

#include <boy.h>

void DoActions ( Boy &Who )


Who.Says ( "Hello" );

Sleep ( 0.5 );

Who.Winks ();


void Scene1 ()


Boy Max;

Max.SetVisible ();

DoActions ( Max );


Please note that you need to use & symbol, also called ampersand only in function declaration. You do not need to use this symbol in function calls or when using parameter in a function.

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