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Welcome to Web Cartoon Maker!

Web Cartoon Maker started as a simple online tool for making animated cartoons in 2010. And now this is a fully standalone desktop application! It is 100% freeware with no ads or limitations! And we are talking about full length animated movies in AVI format which can be converted to DVD or blu-ray or uploaded to youtube in HD format, not just 3-4 seconds long animated gifs. Web Cartoon Maker supports vector graphics and the quality of your cartoons will not degrade when you decide to resize them.

Web Cartoon Maker is not your ordinary animation tool. Most of the animation tools pretend to be so called "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get). Contraversary, Web Cartoon Maker is a compiler which compiles simple C++ scripts into animated cartoons. Some of you may be scared thinking that you need to be a programmer. Well, you do not need to. The scripts are so easy that you can easily learn by example like this one:

// we are going to use Boy character in our cartoon
#include <boy.h> 

// This is our first scene
void Scene1 () 
	// There is a Boy called Max
	Boy Max; 

	// Max becomes visible ...
	Max.SetVisible ();

	// ... at the right bottom corner
	Max.SetPos ( 400,300 );

	// Max says "Hello World". Text-to-speech is used. Lips are moving 
	Max.Says ( "Hello World" ); 

	// Wait for 5 seconds
	Sleep (5);

	// During the next 2 seconds Max raises his arm by 45 degrees
	Max.LeftArm.ChangeAngle ( 45, 2 ); 

	// During the next 2 seconds Max lowers his arm back
	Max.LeftArm.ChangeAngle ( 0, 2 ); 

	// Max goes to the left bottom corner. Legs and arms are moving
	Max.GoesTo ( -400, 300 ); 

You can use images, text and characters in your scripts. with just one line of code they can be moved, rotated, scaled, flipped or become semi-transparent. Characters can speak, walk and wink. Now imagine doing the same in a WYSIWYG tool... Not so easy, right...

There are plenty of examples supplied with the installation. And there is a simple tutorial available for everybody on our web site. There is also a book for thouse who is not afraid to learn C++ in details to make more davanced animated cartoons!

Here is one of our demo movies:

You can see more movies like this in our video gallery.

Web Cartoon Maker is currently available for Windows users only.


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