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Web Cartoon Maker 1.5 is here!

Web Cartoon Maker 1.5 is finally here! You can download it HERE!

Here is what was updated in version 1.5:

  1. Web Cartoon Maker Desktop Edition is now fully standalone! It does not rely on online compiler anymore. It has it's very own compiler! The installation does not have a complete library of characters, images and sounds though. The media will be downloaded as needed. If you want it to be independent from the web site then you can download a full library HERE and unzip files to "...\Web Cartoon Maker\Lib" folder
  2. Web Cartoon Maker now has one more speech engine called "eSpeak". Before that WCM used either MS SAPI4, MS SAPI5 or internal speech engine. But Windows 7 and above does not support MS SAPI4 (with tons of great voices). Support for MS SAPI5 is also weak on 64 bit systems. And internal speech engine is not any good. All these engines are still supported by WCM and actually used by default. eSpeak is not as good as MS SAPI4/5. But it is small, it sounds exactly the same on different systems and it supports tons of different languages:
    • af Afrikaans
    • bs Bosnian
    • ca Catalan
    • cs Czech
    • cy Welsh
    • da Danish
    • de German
    • el Greek
    • eo Esperanto
    • es Spanish
    • es-la Spanish - Latin America
    • fi Finnish
    • fr French
    • grc Ancient Greek
    • hi Hindi
    • hr Croatian
    • hu Hungarian
    • hy Armenian
    • id Indonesian
    • is Icelandic
    • it Italian
    • jbo Lojban
    • ka Georgian
    • kn Kannada
    • ku Kurdish
    • la Latin
    • lv Latvian
    • mk Macedonian
    • nl Dutch
    • no Norwegian
    • pl Polish
    • pt Portuguese (Brazil)
    • pt-pt Portuguese (European)
    • ro Romanian
    • ru Russian
    • sk Slovak
    • sq Albanian
    • sr Serbian
    • sv Swedish
    • sw Swahihi
    • ta Tamil
    • tr Turkish
    • vi Vietnamese
    • zh Mandarin Chinese
    • zh-yue Cantonese Chinese
    There are also 7 male (+m1 +m2 +m3 +m4 +m5 +m6 +m7) and 5 female (+f1 +f2 +f3 +f4 +f5) variants for each language. For example for Russian boy you can do something like this:
    Boy Max;
    Max.SetVisible ();
    Max.RegisterSpeech ( "ESPEAK", "ru+m1" );
    Max.Says ( "Привет, друзья!" );
    Sleep ( 2 );
  3. "Web Cartoon Maker Video Codec" is now fixed and supposed to work in Windows 7. Just to remind you, this video codec only works for Web Cartoon Maker's Export feature. Please do not try to use it in another applications. The AVI files encoded with this codec most likely will not play on any other computer also. But this codec is an excellent choice if you want to do some further video processing on the same machine. It is lossless and compression is very good.
  4. Text editor now supports different input languages. Before that (due to a bug) there were only English characters supported.
  5. The WCM Player now shows the screen coordinates, time in the current scene and time in the movie.

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Web Cartoon Maker 1.5 is here!

Web Cartoon Maker 1.5 is finally here! You can download it HERE! Here is what was updated in version 1.5: Web Cartoon Maker Desktop Edition is now fully standal


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