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Making Advanced Characters

Actually you now know everything about making character and just need to practice on making custom characters by deriving you classes from more advanced interfaces like ISpeakableCharacter , IHumanCharacter and IHumanCharacterSideView . But there is even better and simpler way. Just follow the online tutorial (this tutorial, “CharMaker Utility,” is different from the one mentioned earlier) at:

We do not want to include this tutorial in this book for a couple of reasons. One of them is that utility used in tutorial is still in beta. It may be changed and improved. And another reason is to let you know that there is a great online tutorial available. You already know enough about C++ and Web Cartoon Maker to understand it very well!

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New Tales Animator Video by Alan Sturgess

Alan Sturgess shared an excellent video he made using Tales Animator! You can still download Tales Animator here. Unfortunately it is only available for Wi


Simple Online Character Designer

There is a prototype of simple online character designer available HERE. It is only a prototype, it does not contain many pieces yet but it can already generat


Book is updated

Now our book "Web Cartoon Maker: A Fun Way to Learn C++" is fully in synch with WCM 1.5! It is available for download and online reading HERE.


Web Cartoon Maker 1.5 is here!

Web Cartoon Maker 1.5 is finally here! You can download it HERE! Here is what was updated in version 1.5: Web Cartoon Maker Desktop Edition is now fully standal


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