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Conditional Execution

In order to make advanced cartoons, we almost always need the ability to check certain conditions and change the behavior of the program accordingly. Conditional statements give us this ability. The simplest form is the if statement:

if ( iX < 0 )


Max.Wink ();


The expression in parentheses is called the condition. If it is true, then the statements in brackets get executed. If the condition is not true, nothing happens.

The condition can contain any of the comparison operators:

  • x == y // x equals y

  • x != y // x is not equal to y

  • x > y // x is greater than y

  • x < y // x is less than y

  • x >= y // x is greater than or equal to y

  • x <= y // x is less than or equal to y

Although these operations are probably familiar to you, the syntax C++ uses is a little different from mathematical symbols like =, 6= and ≤. A common error is to use a single = instead of a double ==. Remember that = is the assignment operator, and == is a comparison operator. Also, there is no such thing as =< or =>. The two sides of a condition operator have to be the same type. You can only compare ints to ints, doubles to doubles and so on. In classic C++ you cannot compare strings, but it is possible in WCM C++ because of its string extensions.

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